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You've seen a lot of proposals; any tips you might have?

Two key proposal tips number one, romance over finance.

Do something romantic, not necessarily expensive. That's what they want.

Secondly, do not under any circumstances, show the ring to their parents, their friends or their siblings before you present it.

They've been waiting their whole life to show that ring and see the eyes of those people dearest to them. Don't take that away from them.

What material makes for the best wedding bands?

It's definitely 14 karat gold, whether it's white rose or yellow gold.

18 karat is too soft for everyday wear.

10 karat, it's not enough gold and could give you an infection.

And platinum lacks the flexibility of 14 karat gold.

The only exception is if you have a platinum engagement ring, you must get a platinum wedding band because the metals must match when worn on the same finger.

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Rapid fire questions with a jeweler:

Is bigger always better with a diamond?
No it's not.

Should I finance my engagement ring purchase?
Do not there's a trap, if you miss a payment. Avoid that.

What's a better investment gold or diamonds?
Gold because it's more liquid.

And then should both partners be present when purchasing an engagement ring?
Certainly depends on a couple, but it can't hurt.
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